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Content Planner Lite

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Welcome to Content Planner Lite!

It's a platform for content planning crafted specifically for marketing teams, creators, and influencers.

With this comprehensive template, you can seamlessly manage projects (content themes), create and organize content, and visualize your scheduled posts all in one place.

šŸ”µ Notice: This is a Notion template.
To use this template, you must have a Notion account.
The template is compatible with the free version of Notion.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Platform: A single place for creating, reviewing, scheduling your content.
  • Better Teamwork: It helps writers and reviewers work together easily and quickly.
  • Full Control: With your content vault and a calendar, you can see and control all your content.
  • New Features: It uses Notion's new "buttons in databases" feature for a tidy workspace.
  • Made for Creators: It's designed for marketing teams, creators, and influencers.

What's Inside:

  • Quick Add buttons:
    For quickly creating new content entries by types.
  • Projects:
    The "themes" of your content.
    This makes it easier to manage your content by categorizing it into projects,
    such as: New Product, Summer Sale, etc.
  • Content:
    This is your comprehensive content vault,
    a repository where you can organize and manage all your contents.
  • Calendar: Visualize all of your scheduled posts.
    This allows you to get a comprehensive look at your content distribution schedule.

The Workflow

Enhancing collaboration between writers and reviewers.

Embrace a smoother, more efficient content planning process today with Content Planner Lite!


  • What is a Notion template?
    A Notion template is pre-made pages with a specific layout, structure, and content designed to help you improve your work and life. Using a Notion template saves your time. You don't have to spend time to figure things out.
  • What happens after I purchase Content Planner Lite?
    Upon purchase, you will receive a link to duplicate the template.
  • Do I need to be on a paid Notion plan to use this?
    No, you do not need to be on a paid plan on Notion to use this template.
  • Will I get free updates of this template?
    Yes. Please note that the Notion template will not update automatically. We will notify you by email and provide instructions on how to update your existing pages to the latest version of the template.
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Content Planner Lite

22 ratings
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