Book Tracker

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Building your digital library

Keep track of your progress, reading habit and goals to stay motivated.

Book lovers and avid readers!

This Notion template is designed to help you organize and track your reading journey in one centralized location.

Easily keep track of all the books you've read, are currently reading, or plan to read in the future.

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To use this template, you must have a Notion account.
The template is compatible with the free version of Notion.

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What's in this template:

  • Bookshelf - Track your reading progress, take book quotes & notes. Track:
    • Author and genre of the book
    • Reading progress: pages read, pages left and percentage of completion
    • Estimated reading time left
    • Reading notes
  • Reading BGM - A chill lo-fi SoundCloud playlist as your reading background music
  • Reading Goals - Yearly goals & reading challenges for more motivation + fun
  • Reading Notes - Notes categorize notes categorized by actions for easy access
  • Reading Habit Tracker - Develop a reading habit by tracking every day

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Book Tracker

40 ratings
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